Screaming Lynx


your tree expert

When it comes to trees, we know what we’re doing! Our goal is to alway put our best foot forward for our own safety and for the sake of our clients. Whether you need one tree removed or a hundred, we can complete your job effectively and efficiently.

Trust us, you don’t want just anyone lopping branches off of trees.We do our due diligence to make sure that when it comes to your job, everything is covered. We don’t take chances and we don’t take shortcuts, neither should you.

Tree removal

We're trained to skillfully deal with big trees, small trees, and everything in between. All while keeping your yard intact and your possessions protected.

tree trimming

Untrimmed branches could also be a threat to power lines and other important infrastructure. We’re here to help keep your limbs in check!

stump grinding

If you’ve got a stump causing issues in your yard or sticking out like a sore-thumb on your nice lawn, we’re here for all of your stump removal needs.

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Let’s talk about your project needs and see how we can get you taken care of!